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"I can't say enough great things about Liz and Shanese of Happy Together Events! They helped pull together the wedding of my dreams. They were fun companions to have throughout the planning process - letting me bounce ideas off them, helping me find the right details, and being a calm voice during the chaos of wedding planning. But they really shined on the wedding day as our own personal wedding superheros, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! We had weather issues that required us to move our rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and cocktail hour with no notice. But they made it all happen seamlessly and prevented a total bride meltdown I'm sure. Throughout it all, they stayed calm and cool and helped make sure we enjoyed our big day. We could NOT have done it without them! Our only regret was not having them do full coordination. I wish they would have been along for the ride from day one! If you can fit full coordination in your budget, do it. Seriously, they are the BEST - hire them!"

Paige 11/10/2017

"I would give 10 stars if I could!!! Liz and Shanese were absolutely AMAZING!!! They were so helpful throughout the whole process making my wife and I feel so comfortable and at ease. We did their day of coordination package and I don't know how we could have gone through our wedding without them. They helped us create an entire timeline for the day so there would be no stress about when we needed to be where. They handled all of our vendors and made sure they were there! It created such a stress free environment on the actual day that I couldn't believe it. It felt like their main goal was to take absolutely everything off of our plate so we could enjoy the day, and they did that. Liz and Shanese gave my wife and I the gift of being able to slow down and take everything in. If you want the same feeling, book Happy Together Events. No question!!!!"

Amanda  7/23/2017


"We cannot say enough wonderful things about Shanese and Liz! They were so fabulous to work with from start to finish and helped make our wedding a fun and stress-free event. From the beginning, both Shanese and Liz were incredibly organized and helped my husband and I feel like we didn't have to worry about a thing. They did an amazing job wrangling our (very large) wedding party, family, friends, decor, set-up, vendors and timing, and they did it all with such ease and professionalism. We spent the entire day after the wedding looking back on how perfectly everything went thanks to all of their hard work. To top it all off, everyone we've seen since the big day has commented on how fabulous they both were. We had the most wonderful wedding day and were able to enjoy every minute of it thanks to the greatest coordinators - we can't recommend them enough! Thanks so much Shanese and Liz!" 

Taylor and Matt (married March 2017)


"Liz and Shanese were amazing! All of our friends were flying into Seattle from Chicago and Dallas. My primary motivation in hiring Day of Coordinators was so that my husband and I could spend as much time with our loved ones as possible since we do not see them as often as we would like. I did not want to manage all the details that were piling up for the wedding day. If something went wrong, I did not want to know about it, much less fix it myself. By this standard alone, Liz and Shanese were amazing. I am sure not every detail was executed as I had planned it - but I had no idea, the guests were none the wiser, and the whole day turned out beautifully any way! Shanese and Liz were also a very calming force for us. They both went out of their way to slow down the exciting and emotional (planning) process/(wedding) day so that my husband and I had the opportunity to stop and soak in the moments. They never seemed rushed or in a panic. They both spoke softly and slowly and created a calm and reflective atmosphere. I worked with Shanese during the planning process. She gently pointed me in the right direction and made sure my planning was moving along smoothly. She was informative - I had never planned a wedding before and felt like I was 'winging' it. She constantly assured me that everything was being taken cake of - I lived in fear that I was forgetting something. She handled the majority of communication between my vendors. She was very responsive when I had questions or when the vendors had updates. I felt listened to and taken care of. I felt like I had someone on my side and it felt like a million bucks! The morning of my wedding we were all in the 'Get Ready' room. I was feeling 'weird' - numbly answering questions and trying to get through basic conversation. After the room had cleared, Liz asked me 'how are you doing'? That simple act of checking on me allowed me to feel free to process (in hindsight) my nervousness. Later before our grand entrance, she pulled Dimitri and I aside to check in with each other. She was very protective of these moments that could easily be cut out or lost in all the activity of the day. I am so grateful to her for that. Liz and Shanese are on the top of my list for 'Things I Did Right/Totally Worth It/Would Definitely Recommend'. Thank you both for making our day run so smoothly. Dimitri and I loved that we got to spend so much time with our family and friends and we owe so much of that to you two!" 

Katrina and Dimitri (married September 2016)


"Shanese and Liz made my wedding day experience a dream! I really didn't have to think about any of the details - from setup, to decorations, to the schedule, and cleanup - they had it all covered. All I had to do was show up and have fun, which is every bride's dream! You'll be so glad you hired them...more than worth every penny!" 

Sarah and Dave (married May 2016)


"I can't tell you what a lifesaver Liz was to our special day. First off, I thought I could wing this whole wedding gig on my own. Wedding on a budget, right? WRONG! To anyone who feels they can't afford a wedding coordinator...Think again. First off...Super affordable and super worth it. There are so many aspects and planning details that will drive you absolutely insane the closer it gets to your wedding date so having a coordinator is an absolute must. You tell her how you picture your day going and she makes sure it happens. She's a buffer between you and family so you can save the drama for your mama because with Happy Together Events, there is none! Liz brings a sense of ease and calmness to the table and that was a tremendous gift to me. I was able to enjoy my day and the rehearsal without a care in the world. She ran our rehearsal, spoke to all vendors, coordinated venue set up, ceremony and reception timelines, linens, and caterer. My wedding would have never been the same without her. Please do yourself a favor and budget for them. Your day will run smoother and everyone will be happy that you did."

Melissa and Steve (married May 2016)


"Liz was awesome and easy to work with. She made those last minute details so easy. It was an awesome day that we will not soon forget. I highly recommend this service!!!!"

Gale, Mother of the Bride (May 2016)


"Liz and Shanese were top notch! When times got stressful, they helped calm everyone down and take charge to ensure both the planning and the wedding day ran smoothly. Our wedding would not have been possible with only 3 months of planning without their help! I would highly recommend them!"

Katie and Bryan (married November 2015)


"Liz and Shanese did a spectacular job with my son's wedding. They were so organized and detail oriented, and the week of the wedding was perfect. They handled all the little obstacles with professionalism and tackled a few bigger problems with such ease and diplomacy. I would highly recommend Happy Together Events as your coordinators in any manner."

Colette, Mother of the Groom (November 2015)


"Shanese and Liz coordinated my nephew's wedding with amazing attention to the myriad of details that needed to come together to make an extraordinary day. They were able to hide all the drama from the bride (unfortunately, the florist passed away the night before the wedding - the bride didn't even know this until the day after the wedding) and even managed to get everyone to the church on time (some members of the wedding party were notorious for showing up late - Liz made sure this didn't happen at this event!). Their attention to detail really lessened last minute SNAFU's and their ability to handle whatever was thrown at them calmly and without drama was amazing!"

Cheryl, Aunt of the Groom (November 2015)


"Hiring Liz as our day-of coordinator was without a doubt the best decision we made when planning our wedding. Although we had just over two years to plan our wedding, Liz’s insight was profoundly helpful in organizing the ceremony and reception timelines, as well as set up of the ceremony and reception halls. We had several conversations where she got a feel for how we envisioned our wedding and ensured that our dream became a reality. She coordinated arrival, set-up, take-down, and communication among our vendors to ensure that the event happened like clockwork. In fact, both our venue and vendors thanked us repeatedly for hiring Liz, admiring how organized and pleasant she was to work with. I think the most important thing I can attest to is that having Liz as our coordinator allowed us to enjoy our friends and family without ANY stress over the details. I can honestly say that because of her we were able to really partake in our wedding rather than letting it rush past us. I cannot express how thankful we are to have had Liz there to manage our day and handle all the little details that would have otherwise ended in chaos. Without fail last minute issues are guaranteed to arise and having a professional there to take care of it all is a critical component to enjoying both the wedding, and the days leading up to it. Happy Together Events is truly the key to making sure you have a perfect, joyous, stress-free wedding. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"

Stephanie and Keith (married April 2015)


"Liz’s ability to schedule, coordinate, keep us accountable, 'put out fires’ (ask her about the tent situation…thank God for her help on that one), and hold our hands through the intense moments was indispensable to planning our wedding.  It was not until after we got back from our honeymoon when we talked to family and friends that we realized how much Liz did to make our day great.  People say that your wedding day goes by so fast, well, our day was no exception.  However, I must say that in retrospect it went so fast because Liz was managing everything that was going on with such attention that we could enjoy our day without being distracted by the little things that go sideways during a wedding.  Thank you Liz for keeping steady when we were not, and giving us the peace of mind we so needed."

Danae and Luke (married January 2015)


"Liz helped make my wedding day more than I could have imagined.  I was so lucky to have her there to discreetly guide us through our ceremony and reception when we were in a happy fog; we wouldn’t have known what to do otherwise.  My husband and I were clueless when it came to our wedding.  While we knew we wanted a small event, she made it a day to remember; a beautiful event.  With the creation of our programs to the application of my wedding day makeup, Liz made it happen. From beginning to end, our day seemed to have flowed without a hitch.  Even at our reception, when the caterer didn’t show, she was calm and had the situation handled. I had no idea there was even a misstep.  She helped make it all come together."

Jennifer and Adam (married August 2014)


"Thank you Happy Together Events for making my daughter's wedding and all the events that surrounded it so special. You made the wedding day go smoothly and it was so organized. Your attention to detail was outstanding, everything was perfect -- all communications regarding the schedule and proper placements to the vendors and the bathrooms! Nothing was overlooked! I really appreciate all you did and I will recommend you to anyone who needs a coordinator! Thanks, Mother of the Bride"

Robin, Mother of the Bride (August 2011)


"I was delighted to have Liz as our day-of coordinator. She seemed to be everywhere at once, and ultimately took care of everything that could have been overlooked. She managed vendors, managed family/friends that wanted to help, and kept everything on schedule. I would recommend hiring a day-of coordinator to any couple planning a wedding. The cost is well worth the peace of mind, both for the couple getting married and the family members that are able to enjoy the day instead of stressing about details. Instead of juggling vendors, setup, and a wedding party (not to mention the family dynamics and personalities that come with this sort of reunion...), we were able to enjoy the day and let Happy Together Events take care of the details behind the scenes!"

Aaron (married August 2011)


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